Peppermint Herbal Tea

Peppermint Herbal Tea

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Colonial Remedies No. 3

Peppermint: Quickens the Occasional Absent Minde (Increases Alertness)*

Peppermint was carried to the New World by European immigrants, where it escaped and grew in the wild. Colonists steeped peppermint to drink as a tea, or sugared the leaves to eat as candy.

"The smell of Mint doth stir up the minde, and the taste to a greedy desire of meat." - The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes (1597), J. Gerard

"A good poise for students to oft smell. It quickened the brain." -Herbs and Herb Lore of Colonial America

Contains 20 Teabags

Ingredients: Peppermint Leaves

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